Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Life in Starbucks Chapter 2

Times fly RAPIDLY. Its a month edi in Starbucks Pavilion. Everythings seems to be OK to me but always make a lot of mistake, I HATE THAT!!! Now I can make the beverages without refer to the book recipe and I have learned a lot in these 4 weeks, really appreciate that.. Thanks for all the seniors there and I am so naughty because I always being EMO whenever those seniors pointed out My weaknesses, just like yesterday I really don't know what's the hell wrong with the Whip Cream's xxxxxx what we called that???? (hmm.. Its a stainless steel bottle that squeeze the whip cream out from it and garnish on top of the ice blended beverages in Starbucks.) When I did that on the ice blended beverages, the cream was not in the shape it should have to be,when some of the seniors noticed that they said I was playing with the whipped cream but I was not and really not on that time, I started to being EMO edi. Whenever they asked me, or called me I pretend I never hear and no respond to them because I was really angry that time.

This is me, the real me.

Today I was so embarassing , I went to the store room to get some stuffs since some of the stuff were finished, so need to get it from the store room which is located in the basement car park. You guys know what I did ?? after I packed all the stuffs that need to send up in store room , I put it all the stuffs in one big garbage bag and end up all the stuff fell out especially the milks when on the way to the elevator. sobs.. see.. so "Clever" I am... haiz.. I really beh tahan Myself lorrr... like that also can, put all stuff in one garbage plastic end up........ speachless.. I think You guys also speachless de lorrr horr??

Until here then.. nothing much to talk about edi!!!

Friday, 10 October 2008

Back to College

Almost 3 months staying at home for doing nothing, today was my 1st day back to college again. The college never changed much but the lecturer did changed a lot, Bakery and Pastry no longer teach by Ms Gan and Mr Colin anymore but it's Mr Jaafar and others chef that I don't recognise them because they never teach me before in the practical and there is another new lecturer for the Japanese II , Mr Loo is still teaching but not the whole group anymore as like time, keep on rushing teaching group by group by his own.
Cuts the crap, today was the 1st lecture for Strategic Management in Hospitality Industry,Miss Vivian teaching again and she is a nice lecturer though, today she came to me and offer me a help that she said she'll send the notes she teach me as a references in my resit paper and she also informed Me that this subject's syllabus already changed,will become much more easier I hope , I don't want to resit and resit it again!!! It's waste of money and times. I am so glad that I have a such lecturer like her ,Ms Amanda and Mr Christopher as well. From today onwards will attended lecture with all My Juniors and I am the only one Senior in the lecture, feeling a bit weird for me but never mind I just attend the lecture and no harm for me to studying with them.
But too bad, today Mr Christopher's class was cancelled,can't meet him this week tim.. haiz.. I got this news when I was attending the Maintenance and Engineering lecturer with juniors,hey don't be mistaken k!!! I attending this class just because of I nothing to do while waiting for the next lecture on 4 pm and not to resit this paper because I passed this. This time he teaching the juniors by using text books and notes,the notes is still the same as last year he given to us and 100 no change at all.
Thats all for today,hmm.. I will updates as everyday as I could if possible. It's late night , gotta sleep le.. tada peeps.. CIAOZ!!!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Life in Starbucks!!!

Sorry peepss!!! for long time never update my blog. I can't online these few days because of the failure of the internet connection but at last I can online now and continue updates my blog again.

This week is my 2nd weeks in Starbucks, working in Pavilion's Starbucks is not that easy as I think because there will be many customers during the weekends and weekdays night, You may notice that most of the customer are foreigners "Ang Mo" and those high class businessman and women. Why so many foreigners and business partners ?? because so many hotels and offices are around around pavilion such as WESTIN, J W MARRIOT, DORSETT , Ritz Carlton and Crowne Plaza where the place was the former KL Hilton last time.

Working in Starbucks must be fast in action,no slow slow action if not You will kena "Shoot" by the customer once you are late in preparing the drink, I did experienced it before, the customner said :" Can You be faster a bit arr ?? so slow one ?" ha!!! that time my face became as red as a the strawberry.. So Paiseh la that time.. aiks..... I wonder why I always do the drinks so slow and my actions are slow too.. haiz... hate that..

Almost 3 weeks I working in starbucks , the staff are not that friendly as I think because of them are Malays and only 2 indians there if I am not mistaken but nevermind, I just do the task they assign to me and the job I should do that's all!!! I don't care, if they be good to me , I can be good to them, if they treat me bad just f***k off!!!! and now I can slowly catch up what I learned from the senior but still need a lot of improvement and I am glad that I'm almost memorize all the recipe of beverages, if not it will be more tention for me because the cafe are busy all the time.

At last, My classes will start at this coming friday and hope that it's a good start for me and wish all the juniors and those who are same batch with me now are studying advance diploma good lucks and BEST OF LUCKS!!!

Saturday, 20 September 2008

My 1st Part Time Job

Yuhoooooooooo!!!! finally, I got a part time job at Starbucks in the Pavillion. This is the story how I get the job.. Wheeeeee...  

In Sunday afternoon, I received a called from Starbucks Store's Manager in Pavillion Mr Rahim. Here is the conversation how We talk in the phone:

Me: Hello 

Starbucks' store Manager (Mr Rahim) : Hello,Is that Lim Yau Min?? 

Me: Yeah, I am whose on the line ??

Starbucks' Store Manager (Mr Rahim): We are calling from Starbucks Pavillion, I am Mr Rahim You had  applied a job here a months ago, I just want to ask you  do You still interested in this Job??

Me: Yeah sure, I do. 

Starbucks' Store Manager : Ok, Lim Yau Min, can I what are You doing current ?? 

Me: I have been staying at home for almost 3 months, because I failed to grad my diploma and  I am looking for a part time job. 

Starbucks' Store Manager: Are You free on tomorrow ?? Can You come for Pavillion's Starbucks for your 1st Interview?? 

Me: Ok.. Sure.. What is the time then ??

Starbucks' Manager: how about 11 o clock ?? are You ok??

Me: Sure.. No problem. Thank You!! 

Yeah!! This is the conversations in between me and the Starbucks' Store Manager. 

Monday during the Interview , He asked a lot of questions and I just answered him whatever in My mind.... but when he asked me a question , I was stunned. This is the question " Do You have any ACCOMPLISHMENT before??  Oh My Godness.. I don't know how to answer this.. oh.. My.. I just answer NORMAL.. Then He said , He will called me for 2nd interview IN 2 DAYS time . 

The day after the Interview on TUESDAY.. I received a called again from Starbucks 

Here are the conversations between us 

Me: Hello 

Starbucks' Manager: Hello, Is that Lim ??

Me:Ya,I am. 

Starbucks' Manager: I am calling from Starbucks, Mr Rahim here and I decided to take you as a BARISTA in Starbucks ,Can  You come over on 2 o clock later ?? 

Me: Sure, No Problem.. Thanks A lot. 

Starbucks' Manager: OK.. See You later..

Yuhoooo.. I got the job and I am not gonna stay at home anymore and wasting time.. haha .I got a part time job.... Yuhoooo..    

Today is my 2nd day of the work, everything is the order but really many peepss smoking in starbuck and throw it on the floor and not into the ashray..damn it.. aiks...Yeah, tomorrow I off.. can stay at home to rest.. wakaka... 

Thats all for today.. Good Night Peepss.. hoho.. 

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Short Updates

It's been a time that I never update my blog edi... so paiseh.. 

Happy Mooncake Festival to everyone !!!  Nothing much to mention about  Mooncake Festival actually, every year's mooncake fest also same as usual and nothing much to celebrate for it. This year also the same but last night went to friend's house celebrate it but We never play lanterns or light up the candles, We just enjoyed chit-chat and nothing much. 

Today nothing much actually. haha.. same as usual just a normal Sunday but in the afternoon I received a called from Starbucks Coffee from Pavillion. Ha!! finally..finally.. finally.. I got a respond from starbucks after a month I went to seek for a part time job.. haha.. They called me go for interview on tomorrow 11 o clock.. Wish Me luck friends, I have been staying at home for almost 3 months.. Just doing nothing everyday , beside online and  chating. 

Tell You guys frankly that this is My 1st Part time job though,hope there won't have any obstacles for me..  wish me lucks and Happy Mooncake Festival to all My friends. Nitez.. 

Sunday, 7 September 2008

WOOTS!!!! Tagged by Queenie

If You could spent one ringgit in 5 minutes ,What would You spend on??
I will buy keropok. because 5 pieces of keropok = RM 1 ma.. wakakakakaka XD

What is Your most favourite things to do??
Online, day dreaming, reading motivation's books

What kind of news do You read??
seldom read news de...

What would You give up in return to eat all you want in the world and not get fat?
Lol.. that's impossible.. if for me , I will give up my HP SE K530I.

Is there someone in Your heart right now?
No.. I wonder ??

Do You believe You can survive without money??
No..absolutely NOT..

What are you afraid to lose the most??
My family and My friends.

What do You feel like doing right now?
Bathing... XD The wheather is Hot right now ><

If there's someone that You love,would You confess him/her?
I would ^ ^

List out 3 good points of the person who tagged You ?
Friendly, nice and kawaii

What are the requirement that You wish from the other half?
Care for Me and care for others and how about the good looking one?

What is the thing will make you think he/she is bad?

If You had to eat one thing for rest of Your life , what would it be?
I prefered fast food, I love Mcd.

If You have a choice to be rich or happy, which one would You choose?
I choose to be happy instead of rich.

If You have a chance,which part of Your character You would like to change?
Lazyness, materialistic XD

Which is the person You can share all Your problem with?
Kok Keen, Phak Weng, My 2 eldest sisters and Sook Yien.

How do You see Yourself In 10 years time?
The whole NEW ME!!!

What is the one thing You love about Yourself?

Good Boy.. hahah!!!!

If You can only bring one thing along with You to another world, what would it be??
No idea?? how about my LAPPIE?? HAHA XD

I want to tag:

Kok Keen, Sook Yein, Jill, c k Lau, and Grace and whoever reading this blog XD

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Saturday Night!!

YEAP!!!YEAP!!!YEAP!!! A rainy Saturday night,well but not only Saturday but it rains almost A WEEK.What will You guys doing in the Saturday night usually?? go clubbing with Your gangs?? hang out with Your boy/girl friend I wonder why keep on raining to these few weeks?? sigh.... I don't like rainy day anyway because will make my feeling down sometimes,do You guys have the same feeling like Me?? I think most of You guys did right?? ha!!

?? or just staying at home and being ALONE!!! but I already used to it edi, since I have been staying at home for past few months. sigh..... lazy me.

Well,usually Saturday night I will have fun with My cousin in My granny's house, every Saturday night I will follow My mom back to My granny house for a small reunion with My mom's sisters and brothers and They will have their Majong session since then , I will have fun with all My cousins sisters and brothers there. HAHA!!! it seems like we are kids though but We are NOT.

Today same as usual, My mom go to My grandma's house but I am not following because for the past few weeks My uncles were busy then I couldn't meet My cousins but today I have a six sence that they are not coming too.. So,I just planned to staying at home only.

Oh ya!!! Do You guys watching THE INTERVIEW WITH LEE CHONG WEI (零距离)just now on 8 pm in Astro channel 301 AEC, just now I watched that, it was interesting though, He did a hard works since he was in younger age so now he can achieve a silver medal from Beijing Olyimpics games. That's what we called "Hard work pay off success"

Okie!!! I got to go.. it's late now and I have to go to bed. Ciaoz!!! Oyasuminasai!!! Good Night peeps!!